Trust, Performance & Expertise

CORE is a think tank specializing in IT transformations. We regard ourselves as transformation engineering experts and our clients belong to the leading global institutions of the financial industry. Based on our principles of trust, results orientation and comprehensive expertise, our generalists and specialists work together in strong teams, within which each of their individual experiences find an institutional home base.

From the Iron Age into the Cloud

The latest report on the COREtechmonitor explores the consequences of digital transformation for organizations and IT. You can read the report titled 'From the Iron Age into the Cloud' here.

Technology and Regulatory Affairs

The latest CORE study “The Primacy of Technology” analyses how banks can make more efficient use of complying with regulatory and market-related requirements by using different technologies.

Connected Car Database

Our Connected Car Database gives an overview of innovative products and services in the automotive industry. Based on the service, the database provides company information, a short description, and the respective segment.